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          Chengdu metro welcomes 1st guide dog UN General Assembly decides to postpone or cancel pre-scheduled meetings due to COVID-19 Finland, Switzerland apt models for research, innovation Full text of Chinese President Xis address at APEC CEO Summit Fast food giant KFC opens outlet in Tibet
          Light show boosts morale of virus-hit Wuhan

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          [Photo/cfp] Comic-Con International Convention in San DiegoGirls at CCG Expo.

          A racing car model built from Lego interlocking plastic bricks in a shopping mall in Weifang, Shandong province.Xinjiang should promote labor-intensive industries and encourage people to change their views about employment.At home, my insurance covers 85 percent of the cost.Some private banks are bound to fail if they do not have a sound risk-control system.birefringencerailwaymanThe United States is expected to overtake the European Union as Chinas largest trade partner this year, a former vice-minister of commerce said.China is expected to grow 7.countershading

          They are not necessarily otaku, a Japanese concept referring to those who tend to stay at home all day and drown themselves in computer animation, comics and games.brockThe Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has renewed its tsunami alert for three countries of Solomon islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea in the wake of the big quakes, according to a latest statement posted at the centers website.A suspect, a 26-year-old local villager, was detained by police two days after the incident.satyricalphenacetineThe combination of production, teaching and research has boosted the utilization rate of yellow phosphorus tail gas to 90 percent, said Yang Jinsong, vice-president of a branch company of Guizhou Zhongkaixin.packagerHe is also the fourth apprehended senior official with links to Jiangxi, where a major shift in the political landscape has taken place since an inspection team from the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was dispatched to the eastern province in May 2013.

          ablution2 percent from last months 36.China, South Korea and Japan are to form two new working groups to tackle air pollution in northeast Asia.According to a Pentagon statement on Tuesday, three terrorist suspects -- Yusef Abbas, Saidullah Khalik and Hajiakbar Abdul Ghuper -- who are members of the Uygur ethnic group, were to be moved from Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba.bulgurZhang Yong / XinhuaTwo Chinese mountaineers and one Chinese American were killed in a pre-dawn terrorist attack that claimed 10 lives in Pakistans northern Gilgit-Baltistan area on Sunday.[Photo / Provided to China Daily]First-quarter sales figures indicate that domestic sportswear brands are showing signs of recovery, and companies expect further growth this summer to come from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.partiGao said he does not believe a terrorist attack will take place near him, but said he will still carry out his duty carefully during each shift.

          Yes, we got up very early but its worth it, she said.A crowd watches a man take the challenge.whereoutIts total box office was near 22 billion yuan (.Driver kills seven in East ChinaThe procuratorate of Minhou County approved the arrest of the suspect, surnamed Lin, on the charge of endangering public safety through dangerous methods on Sunday, according to a statement issued by the provincial procuratorate on Monday.deweyanPrime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly said that remaining in the single market is not an option, but the government this month outlined its hopes for an agreement that would permit the freest and most frictionless possible trade with EU member states.The teen, Wang Shangkun, an 18-year-old Anhui native, became seriously ill after undergoing an illegal transplant operation in Chenzhou.filterableness

          The rest was paid with donations from netizens.For the purpose of rearing abandoned infants and children living in social welfare institutions, the State encourages foreign adopters and foreign adoption organizations to make donation to social welfare institutions.A report from PwC, one of the three parties that support Chengdu FTZ development, showed that Chengdu performed well in real practices.4 billion yuan (0 million), a 4.botanicStudents practice Puxian Opera at a primary school in Putian, March 20, 2013.The report said Chinas new electric cars subsidy policy in the second half of last year hit makers of low-end domestic vehicles hardest, as consumer demand changed in the automotive market.I realized that there must be many grandmas in China who could not handle computers and other modern gadgets.Four members of a gang have been given prison sentences and hefty fines after stealing artifacts from tombs in Beijings Chaoyang district.

          Besides concern for air pollution, safety has also aroused call for stricter control of fireworks.And only if we see Chinas debt from this perspective can we analyze the level of Chinas debt.The comedic hit cost just 30 million yuan to make, but has outshone, and out-earned, other blockbusters that bombed at the box office after costing millions to make.More than 20 houses and sculptures have been built there by renowned architects and designers including Kenya Hara since 2009, Wang Zhizhong, deputy construction director of the Glass Street in Dashilar, told the paper.According to the health department of Jiangsu Province, H7N9 infections were confirmed in a 56-year-old man surnamed Fu, a 21-year-old woman surnamed Hu and a 72-year-old man surnamed Zhu on Tuesday.Weve attracted a lot of foreign investment that has helped a great deal in improving standards of services, she said.streetworker

          Chinese in the US and UK celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with aplomb, report Kelly Chung Dawson in New York and Zhang Chunyan in London.Both cubs diets have been supplemented with milk formula.encageintimistAs long as the film meets the new standards, the machine can collect nearly 90 percent of the used film if the ground has been cleared, and about 83 percent if the film was buried in the soil before the stalks were cut, he said.The headmaster surnamed Wang of Kongshui Primary School in Kongshui village of Chengmai County was dismissed on April 9, said Chengmai county government.Such environmental lawsuits can deter polluting factories by raising their lawbreaking costs and by encouraging public supervision, said Ma Yong, legal expert with the All-China Environment Federation.

          SAIC also is preparing to amend its regulations on direct selling and increase its supervision of the business.Officials report that with a growing number of international passengers booking to travel on Chinese airlines, the number of international attendants will have to grow too, as many internationalers prefer being served by international attendants, very often from their own country.Zhang Yutong works besides a window decorated with paper-cut craft, as the Chinese New Year draws near.cottonopolisOn the other hand, costs involving medical equipment have gone down.succisecotangent

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